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About Us

J&V 2000 Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit operating private foundation, established in the year of 2000 in Palo Alto , CA .

J&V 2000 Foundation devotes to the improvement of children’s English education, focusing in Asia .

J&V 2000 Foundation achieves its goals via providing accesses to quality English learning environments and materials.

In November 2001, J&V 2000 Foundation launched a book drive to respond a fervent support from the overseas Chinese for establishing the first English children’s library for Taiwan . The book drive was held in San Francisco Bay Area. With the helps from all Chinese schools, 99 Ranch supermarket and Marina Food supermarket, National Taiwan University Alumni, and Tzu-Chi charitable association, more than 15,000 books had been received. After careful screening and cleaning, 7000s donated books were supplied to Small World Children’s Library. The J&V 2000 Foundation made a major purchase of 8,000 brand new tool and non-fiction books to complete the standard requirements for a library.

As a warm-up for the grand opening of Small World Children’s Library, The J&V 2000 Foundation cooperated with Taipei Municipal Library to host aEnglish speech contest for the children in Taipei . The response was phenomenal. More than 1,000 kids aged from 7 to 15 had participated in the contest. This contest not only challenges their abilities of expressing English spontaneously, it also encouraged their elaboration of imagination and creativity.

J&V 2000 Foundation organized an after school program for the local elementary school children from 2005 to 2007. The goal of this program was to provide the students with a relaxing yet thought-provoking atmosphere to review their homework, enrich their academic learning, and encourage their overall physical and mental well-being.