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Small World Children’s Library

Small World Children’s Library is the first public English children’s library in Taiwan . It is also the first one in Asia . It was established through the joint efforts of J&V 2000 Foundation and the Taipei Municipal Government in October, 2002

It possed 15000 children’s tool and fiction books in a renovated 9100 square feet space at its grand opening in 2002, hosted by then Taipei Municipal Mayor Yin-Juo Ma, the current President of Taiwan, and J&V 2000 Foundation.

The book collection was provided by J&V 2000 Foundation, and the space, managing manpower and renovation project were provided by Taipei Municipal Government.

Since 2003, Taipei Municipal Government regularly supports Small World Children’s Library with steady supply of quality books each year.

The Executive Director of Taipei Municipal Main Library, Dr. Shu-Shan Tsung, has been the key contributor for the Small World Children’s Library. She supported the idea of establishing the first children’s English library, from the very beginning, and preserved the smooth daily operation for the past 6 and a half years.

The Small World Children’s Library is located at the B2 level of Taipei Municipal Main Library, #125, Sec. 2, Jian-guo S. Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan.

The collection titles of Small World Children’s Library can be reached at:


By the launch of the Small World Children’s Library in Taiwan, we expected that we had also opened the access of the knowledge and literacy of the whole wide world to the kids in Taiwan.


Can you believe? Most of the international award-winning children’s books had been within the collection of Small World Children’s Library.


Since the year of 2002, free, quality internet access had been provided in Small World Children’s Library.

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