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English Speech Contest “Speak Good English”

As a warm-up for the grand opening of Small World Children’s Library, J&V 2000 Foundation cooperated with Taipei Municipal Library to host a English speech contest for the children in Taipei. The response was phenomenal. More than 1,000 kids aged from 7 to 15 had participated in the contest. This contest not only challenges their abilities of expressing English spontaneously, it also encouraged their elaboration of imagination and creativity..

This first extemporize English speech contest inspired the English learning systems in Taiwan . As high as 70% of the middle and high schools hosted their own contests since the following year. The official English speech contest was held by the Taipei Municipal Government since the following year too.

J&V 2000 Foundation was recognized by Taipei mayor Ma Yin-Jiou in a ceremony. Small World Children’s Library is the first public English children’s library in Taiwan. It is also the first one in Asia. It was established through the joint efforts of J&V 2000 Foundation and the Taipei Municipal Government
“Speak Good English” English Speech Contest was held for different age groups. From kindergartener to junior high school student, all the kids were provided a chance to stand on the stage and put their speech for a test. No matter for the winners or the losers, “Speak Good English” inspired the participants to sharpen their language skills for their lives.
The award they won from the “Speak Good English” gave them precious credit for their future high school and college application. The recognition certificate from these contests regarded as the strongest extracurricular achievement for applying the high profile high schools and colleges in Taiwan.

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