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After School

The J&V 2000 Foundation organized an after school program for the local elementary school children from 2005 to 2007. The goal of this program was to provide the students with a relaxing yet thought-provoking atmosphere to review their homework, enrich their academic learning, and encourage their overall physical and mental well-being.

Our program offered some unique and exclusive advantages, among them a small student-to-staff ratio so that each and every student could receive personal attention and help from the staff. Students need constant attention to help them follow instructions and to carry out their work efficiently, especially at this age. The small class size allowed us to monitor the students for any signs of disturbing behavior as well as help every student according to individual strengths and weaknesses. One of the benefits of our after school was that it was next to a city park, an ideal location for the students to relax and play between classes. During their break time, children were encouraged to stimulate their imagination and creativity by creating their own games, whether it be playing pirates, knights or cowboys. Upon returning to class, the student’s energy level would be refreshed and ready to take on more challenges. Occasional trips to zoos, museums, beaches, wharfs, and movies were part of the curriculum. These fun field trips provided tons of exciting hands-on activities and live experiences that most kids would never forget. We also formed an engaging and versatile curriculum to enhance and challenge our students’ academic capabilities. Math, English, Science, and Chinese were our core daily subjects, followed by painting, drawing, story telling and other activities. School homework was also finished and corrected so that parents did not have to worry it at home. Without the pressure of any homework, families could enjoy a relaxing evening together. The students were also constantly rewarded with small prizes for their hard work. This had always been their most exciting moment when receiving the recognition of their achievements. It was amazing to see how a little encouragement could stimulate a child’s potential, desire, and ambition. We carefully selected appetizing, nutritious, and quality snacks for our students. No sugary candies or oil-drenched potato chips were allowed in the classroom. Lack of nutrition and variation in children’s diets has always been a significant problem to most families. We wanted the students to stay away from unhealthy junk food as much as possible. We were very proud to see the students have grown strongly, healthily, and intelligently under our dedicate care. It was a successful program that helped supervise the children of busy parents without sacrificing the integrity and balance of home schooling and outdoor activities.

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